Classic Cars

Buick Model 10 (1908-1910)

May 12, 2010

Buick Model 10Buick unveiled the Model 10 at the New York Automobile Show in November 1907. The Buick Model 10 had a production run of only 3 model years, yet it is one of the most remembered Buicks ever made. Despite a financial panic in late 1907, Buick sold 8,820 cars in 1908 and almost half of them were Model 10’s. William Durant used Buick as a cornerstone to form General Motors, which was incorporated on September, 16, 1908.

The Buick Model 10 had an inline, valve-in-head, 4 cylinder engine that produced 22.5 horsepower and was priced at $900. The Buick Model 10, along with the Model 16, Model 17 and Model D enjoyed a successful racing history. Race drivers Bob Burman, Louis and Arthur Chevrolet, and Louis Strang won over 500 races between 1908 and the end of 1910.

8,100 Model 10’s were produced in 1909 and production reached 10,998 in 1910. Despite this, Buick decided to discontinue the Model 10 after 1910 and concentrate on heavier, more expensive cars. This proved to be a misguided decision for the near future as Buick slipped to 5th place in 1911.