Sports Cars

Noble M600

February 17, 2011

The Noble M600 is primarily designed for speed and handling. However this is not at the expense of either comfort or practicality. The cabin features a traditional British hand built finish, with choice of leather or Alcantara. Natural finished polished carbon door cards and centre console, hand turned knobs and bezels and fine quality wool carpets bound to the edge with leather. The seats, designed and created exclusively for the M600, are of lightweight carbon fibre composite construction which can be bespoke upholstered to individual requirements. The seats also feature carbon fibre inserts for the optional five point harnesses. The 330mm flat bottom steering wheel is also hand stitched and can be finished in either suede or leather.

The M600 is hand-built in England and is finished to the clients exact cosmetic requirements. Each M600 will carry on the dashboard an identification plate featuring the unique build number. During the build the customer will be invited to view the progress of the build and to meet those engineers and personnel involved in its creation.

The M600 is powered by 4.4 litre Yamaha V8 with twinturbo. 650 horsepower are delivered to the rear wheels through 6-speed manual gearbox. M600 features three APC settings. The APC adjusts not just the power output but also tailors the boost curve, traction and throttle response relative to the selected mode. ROAD is the ‘comfort’ setting and represents circa 450bhp, this also supports full traction control and a gently progressive boost curve and throttle response. TRACK is the mid-range power setting circa 550bhp, this setting features a little less intrusive traction, a steeper boost curve and more initial response to the throttle. RACE is the full power setting of circa 650bhp, this allows increased wheel slip, an aggressive boost curve and a heightened reactive throttle ‘tip in’ to allow effective and responsive heel and toe operation. Traction control can be totally de-selected. In order that this function is not utilised in error, the process requires a two stage action; Lift the switch guard and push the button. Traction automatically resets to the ‘on’ position after the engine is turned off.

The brakes, developed for the M600 in partnership with Alcon, feature semi-floating front disc with cast aluminium alloy monobloc calipers. The monobloc six piston front and four piston rear caliper designs ensure high strength with low weight and provide a firm brake pedal in all driving conditions. Caliper bore sizes are staggered to ensure even pad wear and the pin mounted pads provide low threshold pressure and low noise. The calipers clamp 380mm front and 350mm rear ventilated discs both of which are mounted to lightweight aluminium bells. Friction is provided courtesy of Pagid performance pads. The wheels, manufactured by Speedline in Italy, are exclusively designed for the M600, featuring forged aluminium alloy 9Jx19 fronts and 12Jx20 rears. Tyres are Michelin Pilot Sport 255/30-19 fronts and 335/30-20 rears.



  • Yamaha V8
  • 4439cc
  • Twin Turbo


  • 650bhp @ 6800rpm


  • 604lb ft @ 3800rpm

Top Speed

  • 225mph (estimated)

0-120 mph

  • 8.9 seconds (Autocar test)


  • Graziano 6 speed manual
  • RWD


  • Stainless sheet steel tub with tubular space frame


  • Carbon Fibre Composite


  • Power assisted rack and pinion


  • Independent double wishbones with coil over Multimatic shock absorbers
  • Front and rear roll bars.


  • Front; Alcon 380mm semi-floating discs with six piston calipers
  • Rear; Alcon 350mm discs with four piston calipers


  • Wheelbase: 2540mm
  • Track: 1578mm
  • Length: 4360mm
  • Weight: 1250kg
  • Fuel Capacity: 73 litres