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Opel Rallye Kadett (1966-1973)

November 23, 2011

Opel Rallye KadettOpel launched the production of Kadett B in 1965. The next year Rallye Kadett was introduced as the sportiest version of the lineup. The Opel Rallye Kadett came to the market with 1.1-litre SR engine with twin carburetors. The car featured a sporty interior and a distinctive racy design with matte black bonnet and side and rear strips.

The 1.1-liter SR (Super-Rally) engine delivered 60 horsepower, which made possible to reach top speed of 148 kilometers per hour. Opel Rallye Kadett came as standard with front disc brakes and a dual-circuit brake system with brake booster. The car was also equipped with silver-gray sport rims and 155 millimetre wide tyres.

With the total length of 4,18 metres, the Opel Rallye Kadett was a compact in size, but provided adequate space for four adults to travel conveniently. The sporty theme of the exterior continued inside the car. Almost all the features, such as headliners, sun visors and gearshift console were matte black. Three spoke safety steering wheel and short sport gearshift were standard equipment.

More powerful version of the Rallye was introduced in autumn 1967. The new version had a 1.9-litre engine, which was borrowed from Opel Record. This new engine developed 90 horsepower, which improved the performance significantly. Opel Rallye Kadett 1.9 S accelerated from zero to hundred kilometres per hour in 13 seconds and could reach top speed of 168 km/h. Opel Kadett B was a popular car and also the first Opel Rallye Kadett had quite a success. After seven years, the production of the Opel Rallye Kadett ended in July 1973 with little over 100 000 units manufactured.

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