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Road Test: 2011 BMW 125i Convertible

August 15, 2011

BMW 125i Convertible 2011_02For the model year 2011, the two-door models of the BMW 1 Series got some design modifications and optimised aerodynamics. At the front, there is a restyled front apron with one large central air intake and two vertical side intakes. The central air intake is enhanced by a black trim strip and the foglamps are intagrated in the apron. Functionally the biggest innovation in the front apron is the integration of air curtains into the outer air intakes. They have the effect of considerably reducing turbulence in the area of the wheel arches by optimising airflow. At the outside edge of the side air intakes, the inflowing air is guided through closed ducts, which lead along the inside of the front apron to the two wheel arches. In each wheel arch, the air emerges from a narrow, vertically-orientated slot so that it is directed just along the sidewalls of the tyre at high speed. This optimisation of the aerodynamic results in a further reduction in emissions for the new BMW 1 Series Coupe and Convertible. For even sportier look, the M Sports Package is available for all models as an option. The BMW 135i has a modified M Aerodynamics Package as standard.

In additon to the new front apron, the 1 Series Coupe and Convertible have restyled headlights and rear lights. At the upper edge of the dual, round headlights there is now a chrome trim. If the car is equipped with the optional Xenon headlights, there is also a LED-powered accent light. At the rear, the L-shaped rear lights have two horizontal red LED-strips. The rear lights have all-red housings, except for that narrow white band for the reverse light. For the interior, the range of seat upholstery and decorative trim features has been revised, but otherwise everything looks quite familiar.

The inline six-cylinder engine in the BMW 125i has the capacity of 2995cc. The high-reving engine develops 218 horsepower at 6100rpm and 270 Newton metres of torque at 2500-4250rpm. As standard the engine comes with a six-speed manual gearbox, which works quite nicely with this engine. The manual gearbox is nice especially when you want to have a more dynamic driving experience. A six-speed automatic transmission is available as an option and it would be the obvious choice if this BMW 1 Series Convertible is mostly used for slow-speed cruising with the roof down. With the manual hearbox, the BMW 125i Convertible can reach 100km/h in 6.8 seconds and have a top speed of 238 km/h. What’s best, the engine’s performance is delivered with quite a nice soundtrack. The low, growling noice can be clearly heard when starting or accelerating at lower revs. When the engine gets more revs, the engine’s soundtrack also changes to a higher pitch.

The BMW 125i doesn’t provide just fairly good performance, but it can be quite economical as well. In addition to the lightweight design, the EfficientDynamics standard features include brake energy regeneration, electric power steering, gearshift point indicator in the manual gearbox models, air curtains (standard) or modified M Aerodynamics Package, low roll resistance tyres, map-controlled oil pump, electrical coolant pump and detachable a/c compressor. In the city the fuel consumption of this 125i Convertible is about 12 litres/100km, but outside the city you can drop it to 6,2 litres/100 km. The average fuel consumption is 8,3 litres/100km and the CO2 emissions 194 g/km.

On a sunny day, there isn’t much better way to travel than with convertible. When you’re not in a hurry, it’s nice to drop the roof and enjoy a little breeze. With the roof down, the engine’s performance isn’t really that important, although the engine sounds can be heard so much better. The high-quality textile top of the BMW 1 Series Convertible can be operated easily with just a push of a button. The electric roof opens and closes automatically within 22 seconds. The operating mechanism for the top can be activated also while driving, at speeds of up to 40 km/h. Eventhough the Convertible is at its best in the summer, tough roof material and reinforced heated rear screen provide protection against low temperatures and makes it possible to use this Convertible  year-around.



  • Petrol
  • 6-cylinder
  • 2996cc


  • 160 kW (218 hp) / 6100rpm


  • 270 Nm / 2500-4250rpm


  • 6-speed manual
  • RWD

0-100km/h / 0-62mph

  • 6.8 seconds

Top speed

  • 238 km/h

Fuel consumption

  • 8.3 l/100km

CO2 emissions

  • 194 g/km

BMW 125i Convertible 2011_01