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2012 Honda Gold Wing

Since its debut in 1975 as the GL1000, the Gold Wing has been acknowledged as the pinnacle of two-up motorcycling, a machine with the power, refinement and reliability to tour even the most far-flung destinations in complete comfort. The name “Gold Wing” has become synonymous with long-haul power and touring sophistication. Whilst undergoing continuous refinements, from stereo systems through warm-air ventilation to airbag technology, the Gold Wing has never lost sight of the fact that big-distance riders demand big-hearted performance.

Launched in 2001 after eight years of intensive research and development, the GL1800 added real dynamic ability and riding enjoyment to the Gold Wing’s repertoire. The bike’s box-section aluminium frame delivered stability and accurate steering at speed. It also worked with the unique flat-six engine to keep the centre of gravity low – a key factor in the bike’s surprising low-speed balance and agility, which made twisting mountain roads and even busy city streets a pleasure to negotiate.

But it is on the open road that the true luxury motorcycle has always been in its element. The Gold Wing’s unique fuel-injected flat-six engine delivers tireless performance together with incredible smoothness and absence of noise. Just as the engine enjoys a legendary reputation for reliability, so the rest of the machine is finished to the very highest standards, with outstanding build quality and paint finish. Meanwhile, the wind-deflecting fairing, huge carrying capacity and user-friendly features such as antilock brakes and the new, improved audio system are clear evidence of the effort and passion behind the latest evolution of this most advanced and full-featured touring motorcycle.

The 2012 Honda Gold Wing also has a revised exterior styling. Bold, integrated lines better link the front and rear of the machine, communicating its elegance and performance with sharp, dynamic forms. Changes to the shape of the rear bodywork include air vents that help to reduce the area of negative pressure that forms at the back of the bike, improving stability at speed. At the same time, adjustments to the suspension front and rear give a superb ride quality without sacrificing control.

The adoption of a new 6-speaker 80W SRS surround-sound system offers superb sound presence and quality. Riders can now play MP3, WMA and AAC music files on the move by connecting an iPod, iPhone or USB stick. The result is easy access to any track you wish to hear. The new, fully-integrated system with brighter screen includes a next-generation receiver for greater reception sensitivity for more reliable navigation.