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Audi Q3 jinlong yufeng

Audi will launch the Q3 to the Chinese market this year. At Auto China 2012 in Beijing, Audi is presenting two themed vehicles based on the Q3 – the Q3 jinlong yufeng and the RS Q3 concept. Both cars interpret the character of the compact SUV in a very special way – the one is recreationally oriented and rugged while the other was systematically designed for dynamic performance.

Mounted to the roof of the Audi Q3 jinlong yufeng are two kiteboards made of carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP). The designers developed a flat outdoor pouch as a special cargo floor liner. It not only provides protection against dirt, but can also be used to stow wet beach articles or can even be used as a sun umbrella or a seat cover. The kite itself can be stowed in a kite pouch, which was also specially designed for this themed vehicle. Two rugged and compact fun sport cameras known as “Audi Cams” are stored in the left side wall of the cargo space. Kite surfers can mount the Audi Cams to the sail bar, their equipment or a helmet with an elastic band. The images are transmitted to the car via a strong WLAN router connection. From there, they can be sent with Bluetooth car phone online to any receiver via UMTS – a new unconventional idea within the range of features of Audi connect.

The Audi Q3 jinlong yufeng is an off-road vehicle for young, active sports enthusiasts. Its paint finish is Liuli Yellow, a luminous monochrome color that expresses a zest for life and high energy. The body add-on parts, many of which match those of the off-road package for production cars, are painted in matt quartz; this paint, built up from different gray pigments, has a natural look and is slightly rough to the touch. The high-gloss package adds small highlights around the windows.

Vertical aluminum struts in the single-frame radiator grille extend over its full height; they form a wave shape in the area where the logo appears on the production cars. The struts match the two-tone color scheme of the Audi Q3 jinlong yufeng: their sides are painted in a quartz color, while their front edges have a high-gloss finish. Certain areas inside the xenon plus headlights are tinted in anthracite, and aluminum panels cover the upper sections of the air intakes. The underbody guard protecting the engine is made of aluminum.

Flared wheel arches and brushed stainless steel running boards are prominent features on the sides of the Audi Q3 jinlong yufeng; these items will soon be added to the Q3 accessories program. The front cross-bar of the aluminum roof rail integrates small LED spotlights for illuminating the area around the car. The two flush tailpipes of the dual-branch exhaust system are integrated in the diffuser, which is partly made of aluminum – as is the rear underbody guard.

The Audi Q3 jinlong yufeng employs a powerful engine. The 2.5 TFSI, a five-cylinder unit with direct injection and turbocharging, produces 228 kW (310 hp) from 2480cc engine displacement. The cylinder numbers are marked, and the valve cover is painted red. A cover panel conceals sections of the engine. Power from the turbocharged five-cylinder engine flows to a seven-speed S tronic and then to the quattro permanent all-wheel drive. The Audi Q3 jinlong yufeng sprints from zero to 100 km/h (62.14 mph) in 5.5 seconds and can keep accelerating to a top speed of 250 km/h (155.34 mph). The five-arm wheels are 8.5 J x 20 in size; their faces are machine-polished, while their sides are painted in matt quartz paint, similar in appearance to the single-frame grille. The off-road tires are 255/45. The front and rear track widths are 40 millimeters (1.57 inches) wider than those of the production version, while the ride height of the body is about 30 mm (1.18 inches) higher.


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