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Great Driving Roads: Päijänne Scenery Road (Finland)

When you are driving towards north from the city of Lahti, Finland, you have a few route choices. The fastest route would be along the highway number 4 on the east side of Lake Päijänne. Another route, road number 24 goes on the west side of the lake. The third choice, the Päijänne Scenery Route, as we like to call it, is absolutely the best of these three when the weather is fine and you are in no hurry. Lake Päijänne is the second Largest Lake in Finland, and the Päijänne Scenery Road offers some of the best scenery to the lake and also some great curvy road sections.

A great starting place for the drive is the Vääksy Canal, in Asikkala, which is a short drive away from the city of Lahti. This is a nice place for short stop as in the summer there is usually quite a lot boat traffic in the canal. After the Vääksy Canal, start the drive towards north along the road 314 and soon you get to the Pulkkilanharju Ridge. This first section of the road is about 10 kilometres long and offers the best scenery of this trip. After the scenery section, the road gets a bit wider until you arrive to Sysmä.

After Sysmä, the road is smaller, curvy and also has some small hills. Best thing is that there usually is a very little traffic on the road. In the summer you might see some motorcyclists or driving enthusiasts, and in the weekend there is a bit more traffic, but otherwise the road is quite empty. Even though the road isn’t in best condition, this small and curvy road is one of the nicest driving roads in Finland.

After 50 kilometres of drive you arrive to a T-intersection. Turning right takes you towards highway number 4, while turning left brings you to the Kärkistensalmi Bridge and finally to the road number 24. Turning left also lets you drive on a steep hill that takes you over the top of the Vaarunvuori hill. After that you descend to the shore off the Lake Päijänne and cross the water along the Kärkistensalmi Bridge. This ends our Päijänne road trip, but you can always turn back and enjoy from the same fun again. This time we drove the route with the Audi RS 5 Coupe, that delivers 450 horsepower from its 4.5-litre V8. It might provide a bit more power than what you need on this curvy road, but it is always good to have a little reserve.

Road: Päijänne Scenery Road
Length:  120 km
Country:  Finland
Car: Audi RS 5 Coupe
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