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Kia reveals all-new K9 flagship sedan for Korean market

Kia have revealed the first official photographs of its all-new flagship sedan to be launched during the first half of this year in the Korean market. Referred to by its codename ‘KH’ until now, the company also confirmed that the Korean market name will be K9 – while the name for export markets, as well as overseas launch timings, will be revealed later this year. K9 is Kia’s first rear-wheel drive sedan. This model’s Korean market name, K9, will complete Kia’s domestic market K series range of passenger cars, whose members also include the front-wheel drive K5 (Optima in overseas markets) and K7 (Cadenza in overseas markets) sedans. The letter K represents not only Kia and the company’s home country of Korea, but also refers to the Greek word Kratos (meaning powerful, domination and reign) and the English word Kinetic (meaning active, dynamic).


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