Classic Sports Cars

Toyota Sports 800 (1965-69)

November 8, 2012

Toyota Sports 800The Toyota Sports 800 was Toyota Motor Corporations first production sports car. The car made its first appearance at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1962 as Toyota Publica Sports concept car. The Publica Sports had a aerodynamic body, two seats and a sliding canopy as an entry. Many of the car’s components were borrowed from the Toyota Publica to reduce costs.

When the production of the car started in 1965, it was renamed as Toyota Sports 800. Instead of the sliding canopy entrance, the car had a detachable top. The Toyota Sports 800 was powered by a 790cc two-cylinder air-cooled Boxer engine. Engine’s output was 45 horsepower, which was delivered to the rear wheels. With its lightweight design, the car was agile to drive and even the 45 horsepower engine provided quite good performance. Toyota Sports 800 could reach the top speed of 155 km/h. With its compact body and excellent fuel efficiency, the Sports 800 achieved great success in endurance races.