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2014 Nissan GT-R features new LED headlights

Nissan GT-R 2014_headlightsThe 2014 Nissan GT-R (2015 model year in the US) sports new efficient, high-intensity, multi-LED headlights that create a distinctive lightning motif, generating a striking exterior visual signature. With such a unique visual reference, the GT-R’s road presence is enhanced, particularly in low-light and at night – while the fitment of the new headlights gives the driver increased visibility.

The Nissan GT-R’s new headlights feature AFS (Adaptive Front lighting System) that automatically adapts the angle of the light beam according to the speed of the car. At highway speeds, actuators in the headlight unit adjust the angle of the projectors to project the light further. The four LED units are configured with new intensive LED hi-beam and three different LED low-beams including long-distance-illumination and wide-illumination. Adapative Front lighting System is unavailable in some regions.

At the rear, the GT-R’s distinctive four-ring tail light signature now forms coherent circles of illumination, giving the GT-R an equally distinctive appearance, making it easily recognizable to fellow owners and enthusiasts. Upon start up, the full new lighting signature is illuminated, creating a dramatic start-up procedure.

Visual appeal is reinforced with the addition of a new body color called Gold Flake Red Pearl. As its name suggests, there are microscopic gold-tinted glass flakes infused into the red paint, creating a spectacular effect in the deep, lustrous paint as the light catches the finish.

Nissan GT-R 2014_rear lights


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