BMW R nineT marks the 90 years of BMW Motorrad

BMW R nineT marks the 90 years of BMW Motorrad

The BMW R nineT has been created to mark the 90 years of BMW Motorrad. It blends the boxer engine’s rugged character and the design traits of various motorcycle eras with cutting-edge technology and a modular concept that offers the rider maximum scope for personalisation. The choice of modifications ranges from BMW Motorrad genuine accessories to custom-made add-on or accessory parts from specialist customisers, making it possible to create a truly unique machine.

One of the overriding design objectives was to reduce the bodywork as far as possible in order to achieve a puristic look. The sides of the 18-litre aluminium tank have been painstakingly brushed by hand and then coated. The aluminium plate with embossed nineT lettering on the right above the air intake duct is likewise befitting of the bike’s hand-built feel. The surfaces of many forged aluminium parts, including the yokes and the handlebar clamp bracket with BMW Motorrad lettering, have been glass bead-blasted and then given a natural anodised finish. The circular headlamp with the BMW emblem in the centre of the bulb cover pays homage to various role models from 90 years of BMW Motorrad. A classic Black storm metallic paint finish with contrasting silver and metallic highlights was chosen to match the character of the nineT.

BMW R nineT marks the 90 years of BMW Motorrad 2

The high scope for customisation offered by the nineT is down in no small part to its special frame concept. The tubular steel spaceframe that was specially developed for the nineT incorporates the boxer engine as a load-bearing element. The frame’s basic construction consists of a front frame section with integral steering head and a rear section with swingarm mounting. The removable pillion frame allows the nineT to carry a passenger or to be set up for just a solo rider, when it cuts a truly stylish figure. Together with the aluminium tail cover available as a special accessory, this injects the nineT with a striking solo character that is reminiscent of the early café racers.

The exhaust system that runs down the left-hand side with two silencers placed one above the other is fully in keeping with the concept of a classic sporty roadster. There is room for customisation here too, courtesy of the BMW Motorrad accessory range. Adding a real touch of technical finesse to the nineT, for instance, is the Akrapović unit made of titanium. By fitting a short or long connecting pipe, the silencer can furthermore be mounted in either a lowered or a raised position, radically altering the appearance and character of the nineT.

The telelever usually fitted on the boxer models from BMW Motorrad has been replaced on the BMW R nineT by an upside-down telescopic fork borrowed from the S 1000 RR superbike, resulting in a distinctly classic look paired with absolutely top-class engineering. The rear suspension employs the paralever single-sided swingarm in conjunction with a central spring strut.

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The housing for the rear axle drive includes three mounting points that can be used to attach a bracket for positioning the licence plate and light unit on one side, for instance. What’s more, the swingarm on the nineT is designed in such a way that a 17-inch wheel with a width of 6 inches can be fitted instead of the standard 5.5-inch-wide version and submitted for individual approval if applicable.

Designed as an out-and-out roadster, the nineT follows in the tyre tracks of role models from the past by featuring wire-spoke wheels with black anodised alloy, non-flanged rims, black aluminium hubs and stainless steel spokes. Radial 4-piston monoblock brake callipers work in unison with floating 320 millimetre brake discs and BMW Motorrad ABS to provide sure topping power.

The new BMW R nineT is driven by the classic flat twin boxer engine with its punchy response from standstill. The 1,170cc air/oil-cooled boxer unit produces 81 kW (110 hp) at 7,750 rpm and musters up a maximum torque of 119 Nm (88 lb-ft) at 6,000 rpm.