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Caterham Group launches motorcycle division

Caterham Brutus 750Caterham Group has launched its first ever motorcycle division the Caterham Bikes at the International Motorcycle Exhibition (EICMA) in Milan. Three prototype products, the Brutus 750, Classic E-Bike and the Carbon E-Bike, have been unveiled for launch throughout 2014 as part of the Group’s strategy of growth through intelligent partnerships.

Production of the three launch bikes – all priced affordably – will begin as early as Spring 2014, with the Brutus 750 the first to be built, followed by the two electric bikes later in the year. The Caterham Bikes business strategy caters for the growing global demand for environmentally-friendly and multi-purposed, two-wheeled vehicles. Beginning with the European, North and South American markets, the Group’s key growth market will be in Asia, reflecting the burgeoning demand for such vehicles across those territories.

Caterham Bikes’ three initial launch products are as follows:

Brutus 750: described as the “SUV of motorcycles”, menacing in stance but surprisingly nimble to ride, the Brutus 750 can operate as a street bike, off-road machine or even a snowmobile (conversion in less than four hours). It is the first motorcycle with an automatic transmission and the first ever two-wheel SUV.

Classic E-Bike: carrying uniquely retro styling for the rider with a penchant for a design harking back to the golden age of British motorcycling, this bike has a range of 40-80km and does not require the rider to have a licence in the EU

Carbon E-Bike: a premium bike with modern styling inspired by F1 technology; a limited edition version featuring exclusive F1 input and materials is currently being explored