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Erwin Sattler table clock by Audi design

Erwin Sattler table clock by Audi DesignThe Erwin Sattler table clock by Audi design is the first result of the collaboration between Audi design and the clock- and watchmaker Erwin Sattler. Audi applied a minimalist design to the table clock. The transparent housing’s features are few in number but high in impact. A single layer of safety glass allows a direct view of the clock’s mechanical movement.

Two understated ruthenium-coated clasps hold the housing of the nearly 30-centimeter (11.81 inches) high table clock together. They lead the eye with their precise edges to the clock’s inner workings. The hour and minute dial is likewise minimalist, with markings for the quarter hour, half hour and full hour. The clock’s 18,000 beats per hour ensure smooth running of the balance wheel – a spring that, together with the mass of the wheel, serves as the motor.

The designers placed particular importance on the interplay of the intricate gear wheels and the handcrafted hands. “The premium clockmaking expertise of the Erwin Sattler company and the fine workmanship of the materials inspired us as we were designing the clock,” explained Philip Schlesinger, Designer at the Audi Concept Design Studio in Munich. The extremely light movement, which rests completely on ball bearings, ensures a long operating life. “The clock will be a thing of beauty for generations to come,” Schlesinger said. “It was important to us to make this feature visible in the design concept as well.”

The Erwin Sattler table clock by Audi design can be ordered from Erwin Sattler Munich at