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Mercedes-Benz C-Class loses weight

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedan W205 bodyMercedes-Benz has substantially reduced the weight of the future C-Class. Thanks to intelligent and innovative lightweight construction, the aluminium hybrid body is around 70 kg lighter than conventional production using steel. The gross vehicle weight has been cut by around 100 kilograms compared with the predecessor, which translates into up to 20 percent lower fuel consumption without any loss in power.

Mercedes-Benz has pulled off this technological leap primarily through an entirely new design and the extensive usage of aluminium, hot-formed steel parts and ultra-high-strength steels. Simply by using these materials, the weight of the bodyshell structure has been reduced by some 40 kilograms compared with the outgoing saloon. Virtually the entire outer skin, consisting of front wings, bonnet, boot lid, doors and the roof panelling, has been made from sheet aluminium, thus helping reduce weight further.