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MV Agusta Rivale 800

MV Agusta Rivale 800_frontMV Agusta unveiled the new Rivale 800. Its in-line three-cylinder engine, designed and manufactured entirely by MV Agusta, offers excellent performance and efficiency. The closed-deck engine block has been manufactured by chill-casting and has integral liners. The liquid cooling and lubrification circuits are integrated with the engine in order to significantly reduce size while guaranteeing a superior style, an indispensable quality found in every MV Agusta. Engine’s counter-rotating crankshaft is a racing solution, which is widely used in MotoGP. It is introduced for the first time by MV Agusta on a production series model. It reduces inertia when changing direction and enhancing handling.

The six-speed gearbox is extractable and is fitted with an Electronically Assisted Shift (EAS) system providing quick gear shifts. The MV Agusta Rivale 800 is equipped with a multi-disc wet clutch and an effortless clutch control. The in-line three cylinder engine provides 125 bhp at 12,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 84 Nm at 8,600 rpm.

By means of consistent integrated management, all electronic control parameters of the motorbike can be managed and coordinated both effortlessly and efficiently, thus enhancing performance and optimizing thermodynamic efficiency under all conditions. The Full Ride By Wire throttle and the comprehensive control panel represent the interface between the rider and the MVICS platform, handlebar controls allow the rider to readily intervene on a wide range of customization and safety parameters.

MVICS platform allows the rider to choose from four engine maps: the first three are pre-defined performance levels: sports, normal road usage and wet or slippery road conditions. The fourth allows each parameter to be customized by the rider, ensuring perfect performance both for his preferences and the specific conditions. Many parameters such as engine response, rev limiter, engine torque response, throttle and engine brake sensitivity can be customized via the MVICS platform, that also includes 8 levels of advanced traction control that have been carefully defined to ensure the best results in terms of delivering power to the road, even when road conditions are critical.

The new dashboard has been designed and produced for MV Agusta Rivale. It is entirely digital, and offers an ample reading surface, in which instant speed and rev indicators are located. The versatility of the instrument cluster allows the rider to choose the information to be displayed, however the engine response map and currently selected gear are always clearly visible as well as the traction control level and coolant temperature.


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