Classic Race Cars

BMW M3 GTR (E36)

April 2, 2015

BMW M3 GTR E36 Zolder 1993 Johnny CecottoBMW presented the BMW M3 E36 in 1992. Only a year later, the new BMW M3 GTR racing version was already lining up on the grid for the first race in the German Touring Car Championship in April 1993. The new regulations were only defined at the beginning of 1992.

While the production model delivered 286 hp from the six-cylinder engine, the BMW M3 GTR packed 325 hp. The car weighed 1300 kilograms in accordance with the regulations. Johnny Cecotto and Kris Nissen took off in the Warsteiner-ADAC GT Cup which Cecotto was ultimately to win at the end of the series.

However, this brought the M3 motor-sport chapter to an end for the time being. Changes in the regulations did not leave the powerful BMW 3 Series any real hopes of victory.

BMW M3 GTR E36 Cecotto 1993