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BMW M3 Sedan (E36) (1994-1999)

June 2, 2015

BMW M3 E36 Sedan 1995In 1994, BMW M3 debuted as a four-door sedan. This car enabled BMW to meet the desires of a large number of customers for a compact, luxury saloon with the genes of a high-performance sports car.

The four-door BMW M3 Sedan car was undoubtedly the most successful combination of sportiness and everyday road use that had been sold up to that point under the M3 badge. This model was particularly attractive to customers who found the convertible and the coupe too sporty and too much of a thoroughbred. The driving characteristics of the sedan were the same as those of the coupe.

The BMW M3 Sedan had an impressive profile with the superlative standard interior fittings that featured wood inlays and Nappa leather seats.

The production figures told their own story. 12,435 BMW M3 Sedan models were sold when production ended in 1999,