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Range Rover 3rd gen (2002-2012)

Range Rover L322_01All the classic Range Rover design cues continued with the third-generation model launched in 2001. The new car was bigger and more spacious. It also included eye-catching modern ‘jewellery’, including distinctive head- and tail-lamps and ‘Brunel’ finish power vents on the flanks.

This model was a more integrated ‘purer’ design than the P38. Although subsequently upgraded with improved lights, grille, wheels and many other changes, the essential shape has stayed the same, and remains one of the most modern and desirable designs in the luxury 4×4 sector.

Among the new features were the stiffer monocoque body (replacing the traditional 4×4 ladder frame) and the fully independent suspension with interconnected air springs. The interior was also widely lauded as the finest of any car cabin.

The interior saw a big improvement over its predecessor. The design team took inspiration from products as diverse as audio equipment, ocean-going yachts, first-class airline seating, fine furniture and jewellery. This was combined with the classic ‘wood and leather’ Range Rover experience. The result brought new levels of luxury to the Range Rover, and to the 4×4 market. It was subsequently described, by a number of commentators, as the finest cabin in motoring.