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Volkswagen Scirocco mk2 (1981-1992)

April 9, 2015

Volkswagen Scirocco IIThe second generation Volkswagen Scirocco (EA 491) was based on the engineering platform of the Volkswagen Golf. Thanks to the car’s length, which was extended from 3.85 to 4.05 meters, the overall softer lines of the Volkswagen Scirocco had a very elegant effect and also offered more space for people and luggage. In addition, aerodynamics were further optimized and more fuel-efficient powertrain technology was introduced.

The engine lineup included the 1.3 liter (60 PS), 1.5 liter (70 PS), 1.6 liter (85 PS), GTI (110 PS) and GLI (110 PS). In July 1985, the most powerful production Volkswagen Scirocco of its times appeared: the GTI/GTX could move at 208 km/h with a 1.8 liter, 16-valve engine and Bosch KA-Jetronic. Volkswagen had adapted the storming whirlwind to the higher power output with rear disk brakes, reinforced transverse links and driveshafts, and a larger rear –spoiler. It now accelerated from 0 to 100 km/h 8.1 seconds. Used in tandem with the three-way catalytic converter, which was still mandatory at that time, was the 129 PS engine that was also used in the Golf; without the exhaust-cleaning converter it could even deliver 139 PS.

From 1983 to 1987, Volkswagen introduced a number of special models onto the market within a short period of time. It began with the GTS, followed by the GTX. It was the first car to sport an antenna mounted to the rear edge of the roof. In 1985, Volkswagen demonstrated special edition which was only available in Alpine white. The Scirocco Tropic of 1986, on the other hand, made a colorful impression with the colors Madison turquoise and Kiwi brown on the outside; inside it had seat covers with Olive/turquoise stripes. A special attraction of the Scala, launched in the same year, was its allaround spoiler/body kit painted in car color.

Starting in 1989, two engines were offered on the Volkswagen Scirocco: a 1.6 liter (72 PS and non-regulated catalytic converter) and a 1.8 liter engine (95 PS, fuel injection with regulated catalytic converter). The last version built, the “GT II 16V”, was sumptuously equipped with steel sunroof, tinted glass, power steering and height-adjustable sport seats. In the last model year, three-point seatbelts were added to the rear bench seat as were side turn signal lights.

Like its predecessor, Volkswagen Scirocco was being produced at Karmann. The last one of the 291, 497 Volkswagen Scirocco units built left the assembly plant halls on September 7, 1992.