Classic Sports Cars

Opel GT (1968-1973)

May 25, 2019

The story of Opel GT began at the 1965 IAA Frankfurt International Motor Show, where the company presented a two-seat sports car.

The first Opel GT rolled off the assembly line in 1968, an early example of Franco-German cooperation. Thanks to previous joint projects, the coachbuilder Chausson and Brissoneau & Lotz was a proven partner for Opel and the French company carried out the press work, welding, painting and interior installation of the GT, before sending it to Germany for final assembly of the chassis and powertrain.

GT buyers had two four-cylinder engines to choose from – one with 1.1-litres displacement and 60 hp came from the Kadett and the other – with 1.9-litres and 90 hp – from the Rekord. The GT 1900 was especially popular right from the start. The maximum speed of 185 km/h and zero-100 km/h acceleration in 11.5 seconds were just what buyers wanted. The rear wheels were driven via a four-speed manual gearbox. European customers hardly ever ordered the optional three-speed automatic, but on the other side of the Atlantic the transmission was extremely popular.

The Opel GT thrilled customers until the end of its production in 1973. Thanks to the performance, unique design and attractive pricing, the popularity of the GT exceeded all expectations. Total production reached 103,463 units in only five years.