Road Test

Road Test: 2011 Audi A7 Sportback 3.0 V6 TDI

If you thought that there were already enough four-door variants in the Audi range, you were wrong. Now there is yet another one. The newest model is the A7 Sportback. It looks a bit like a coupe, but has four doors and a decent backseat. The new A7 is a big car. With measures of 4969mm long and 1911mm wide, it is bigger than A5 and even A6. If measured with side mirrors, it is even wider than the Audi A8. The height is only 1420mm and with the coupe-styled roofline, the A7 looks kind of sportier version of a big four-door Audi. In the backseat there is enough legroom, but because of the roofline, headroom is the problem. An adult can travel in the back, but as the ceiling starts to get close, it is not that comfortable. The tailgate is huge, as the whole rear window opens up. Luggage compartment offers 535 litres of luggage space.

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