Wilhelm Maybach

Wilhelm Maybach can be considered as the creator of the modern car. He was responsible for many of the innovations that would have a lasting influence on vehicle design. The 35 hp Mercedes from 1901 bears many of the design features one still finds today in cars all over the world.

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Classic Cars

Daimler wire-wheel car (1889)

In 1889 at the World Exposition in Paris, Gottlieb Daimler had installed thirty electric light bulbs around his stand, powered by current generated from his “illumination car”, a mobile mini power station equipped with Daimler engine and electricity generator. The light from his bulbs highlighted one exhibit in particular that had yet to achieve its breakthrough – the four-wheeled wire-wheel car.

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Famous Engines

Gottlieb Daimler’s grandfather clock

The history of the “grandfather clock” engine goes back to the year 1882, when Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach began work in Cannstatt on a light-weight, high-speed, four-stroke engine. But the ignition represented a major challenge if they were to achieve higher engine speeds and thus a higher output compared with previous combustion engines. Maybach first concentrated on this problem, working through countless patent specifications before finally coming across the Englishman Watson’s uncontrolled hot-tube ignition system, which proved suitable for the high engine speeds they aspired to.

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