Road Test

Road Test: 2012 Volvo S60 T6 AWD Polestar

The most powerful engine variant available for Volvo S60 is the 6-cylinder, 3.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine known as the T6. As standard, it produces 304 horsepower and 440 Newton metres of torque. This provides quite a good performance for the Volvo S60. Acceleration from zero to 100 km/h takes 6,1 seconds and the top speed is 250 km/h. This kind of performance is usually enough for all your driving needs. But no matter how fast your car is, as the time goes by, you get used to its performance and the car may start to feel just a bit slow. Luckily, this kind of problem can be solved quite easily especially when you have a turbocharged engine. By tweaking the engine management system, you can have a nice improvement in the engine’s power output. However, with a chip tuning there is always a little risk that you don’t want to take, especially when you have a new car.

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