Road Test

Road Test: 2012 Mitsubishi Pajero 3.2 DiD

When almost every carmaker in these days have a SUV in their line-up, it’s nice to know that there still are also some real off-roaders available. Mitsubishi Pajero stays loyal to its heritance and keeps on providing a real off-roading capability. Eventhough the styling has been updated a few times during the three decades of the car’s history, Mitsubishi Pajero is easily recognizable. Its off-road attitude is still clearly expressed in its design. The short bonnet, tall upright windscreen, low waistline, huge wheelarches, short front overhang and side-hinged tailgate with externally mounted spare wheel are all part of the Pajero’s traditional styling. The upright windscreen, huge side windows, large wing mirrors and high seating position are designed to give the driver a good all-round visibility.

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