Sports Cars

Nissan 370Z GT Edition

May 27, 2011

Nissan’s iconic 370Z sports car has been sharpened for Europe. Showcased on the 370Z GT Edition – a special version which celebrates Nissan’s success in international GT competition – a number of significant suspension improvements have been developed by engineers from Nissan Technical Centre Europe (NTCE) to maximise the car’s potential on Europe’s roads. The changes have also been adopted on the standard Coupe. With higher average speeds than the rest of the world – notably in Germany where stretches of the autobahn are unrestricted – and with a wide range of surfaces from super smooth to badly pitted, Europe’s roads are unlike anything found in Japan or North America.

Fine tuning the 370Z’s Front-Midship (FM) rear drive chassis – double wishbones at the front and a multi-link rear – has centred on the dampers. These have been recalibrated to enhance ride comfort and high-speed handling. By revising the rebound and compression ratio settings of the dampers front and rear, control of the wheels’ vertical movement at mid and high speeds has been greatly enhanced to improve body and wheel control on undulating country roads. At the same time damping force has been increased but with no degradation in comfort – the stiffer chassis provides better ‘bump thump’ absorption which, in turn, leads to greater overall comfort and refinement. This significantly improved wheel control is reflected in a flatter ride on all surfaces. Greater stability and better body control result in smoother, safer and even more exhilarating progress. The changes also have a beneficial effect on motorway travel with reduced ‘bobbing’ at higher speeds while the 370Z tracks better at all speeds and on all surfaces. The final benefit is improved track performance thanks to the tyres working closer to their optimum.

The GT Edition is set apart from other 370Z models thanks to grey ‘GT’ stripes running along the flanks of the car and which contrast with each of the special edition’s three body colours – metallic black, pearl white and Black Rose, the latter shade exclusive to GT Edition. The exterior is set off by the standard 19inch RAYS forged alloy wheels, which are finished in a dramatic anthracite colour. Equipment changes include the arrival of a rear view parking camera as part of the Nissan Premium Connect satellite navigation option and the standard fitment of a tyre pressure monitoring system.

The advanced seven-speed automatic option now has a snow mode which, when applied, sets the car off in second gear and controls engine revs to prevent wheel spin on ice or snow. Refinement is enhanced by revisions to underbody insulation to reduce road noise. Despite the extra equipment, the GT Edition actually costs less than the standard Coupe. Unchanged is the 370Z’s exceptional 3.7-litre V6 engine which delivers electrifying performance thanks to its 328PS and an impressive 363Nm of torque. It is coupled to a short throw six-speed sports manual gearbox or a seven-speed paddle shift automatic.