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English bulldog Spike is the co-star of the new Mini campaign

Mini and SpikeThe production of the new Mini starts at Plant Oxford, England, in just a few weeks time. The official unveiling takes place on 18 November 2013. The world premiere will be held simultaneously in London and at the Mini Plant in Oxford, where the new model is produced. The new Mini then sees its motor show premiere in the same week, with virtually simultaneous presentations in Los Angeles, California, and Tokyo, Japan. In addition it will also be officially presented in Shanghai. The new Mini will be launched worldwide in the first quarter of 2014.

With the market launch campaign for the new Mini the car manufacturer continues the tradition of unconventional and humorous appearances across a range of communication channels. A familiar co-star will appear alongside the brand new Mini: the English bulldog, Spike.

On his first trip in the new Mini, bulldog Spike gets to know and appreciate all the main strengths of the newest member of the British small car family. And since the little guys always have to stick together, whatever the species, Spike is also called upon to defend Mini against the advances of an enormous Great Dane. In spite of being sceptical initially, he becomes fond of his master’s new Mini by the end of the first test drive and proceeds to show it the way only he knows how.

Mini and the English Bulldog are old friends. An English bulldog appeared in the recent Mini brand campaign featuring the claim “NOT NORMAL”. What is more, the Mini Collection would not be complete without the bulldog. The cuddly version of the animal is one of the most popular Mini lifestyle products. As well as being featured on cushions, there are USB sticks, key rings and smartphone covers featuring the iconic bulldog.

English Bulldog Spike with Mini


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