Video Game: Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends (PC)

Video Game: Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends (PC)

Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends is a video game that lets you drive with Ferrari models of different ages. In addition to the Ferrari road cars, there are also single seater Formula One cars and GT racing models included in the game. The oldest models are from 1940s, while the newer models include Ferrari 458 Italia. The Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends features almost 20 tracks and most of them come with different variations. With all the different versions combined, there are around 40 tracks to drive. The circuit list includes famous Grand Prix venues like Silverstone, Spa and Monza.

The problem with this game is the car handling. It takes many laps around the track to get used to the car handling. The steering requires really subtle moves, or you loose the car control pretty quickly. Turn just a bit too hard, and the rear end starts to slide, and it all ends up in a spin. Different models clearly have different kind of handling, but at first they all feel pretty challenging to drive. You will finally get used to the strange car handling, and then the game starts to be more enjoyable. But before this happens you have frustrated with the game many times.

The campaign game mode, which is like a career mode, is divided into three eras; Golden (1947-1973), Silver (1974-1990), and Modern (1991- 2011). There are over 200 challenges to drive, and they are not all races. There are also time trials, follow the leader missions and head-to-head races. You can start from any era you want and you can drive them simultaneously. But all the races in the era has to be driven in certain order. The track and the car are given, so there isn’t much of a choice. There are quite a big differences in the difficulty level. One race may seem easy to win, while the next one can be much more challenging. Because you have to drive the races in certain order, you just have to keep on trying until you’re successful. Another problem with the campaign mode is that there can be almost ten races in a row that you have drive with the same car and perhaps even on a same track, so it sometimes feels like you’re are doing the same thing again and again.

But it’s not all bad. When you get used to the handling, and get a car that suits your driving style, the Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends can be really entertaining. The car look nice, they sound pretty good and the game also has some very nice tracks to drive. But getting to the point that the game starts to be enjoyable takes a lot of practice and lots of time.


  • Reviewer – Janne Suomalainen
  • Review Date – 2013-04-12
  • Reviewed Item – Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends
  • Author Rating – 4