Aston Martin Vantage (1993-2000)

Aston Martin Vantage (1993-2000)

Aston Martin Vantage was launched at the Birmingham Motor Show in 1992. This was the second model named Vantage in its own right, rather than just an uprated version of the standard offering.

Ford had bought Aston Martin in 1987, so Aston Martin had resources of a major motor manufacturer at its disposal for the development of the new model.

While Aston Martin Vantage did have some resemblance to Virage, there were many differences. The exterior design was mostly new. The only Virage panels being used were the door and roof skins.

Aston Martin Vantage (1993-2000)

The front end design presented two groups of three headlamps, each behind a heated lens, a deep front chin spoiler with three vents, larger pronounced flared wheel arches and two mesh filled air vents in the panel behind the front wheels giving the car a formidable appearance.

Aston Martin Vantage was powered by supercharged V8 engine delivering 550 bhp and 550 lbs-ft of torque. With the 6-speed ZF manual gearbox, Aston Martin Vantage accelerated from zero to 60 mph in 4,6 seconds.

When the production ended in 2000, 288 cars had left the production line.

Aston Martin Vantage specifications


  • Twin-OHC V8 (Supercharged)
  • 5430 cc
  • 550 bhp @ 6500 rpm
  • 550 lbs-ft @ 4000 rpm
Aston Martin Vantage (1993-2000)


  • 6-speed ZF manual

Top Speed:

  • 186 mph

0 – 60 mph:

  • 4.6 sec


  • Ventilated steel discs


  • 1920 kg