Classic Cars

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint (1954-1962)

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint’s shape was designed by Carrozzeria Bertone, but more than one stylist contributed to the creation of the this coupe. The initial configuration was the work of Giuseppe Scarnati, an Alfa Romeo designer who created and produced the first prototype at the Alfa Romeo Special Bodywork department between 1951 and 1953. But it lacked something in the eyes of Francesco Quaroni, general manager of Alfa Romeo, who then brought in the stylists Mario Boano from Ghia and Franco Scaglione from Bertone. Both designers collaborated jointly on the first prototype. But during the preparatory stage Boano moved on to run the newly set-up Fiat Style Centre and gave up the commission. After this, Giulietta Sprint was designed by Bertone alone.

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