Road Test

Road Test: 2011 Volvo V60 T6 AWD

Now there’s a new wagon model in the Volvo lineup. The all-new V60 is based on the S60 sedan and technically cars are pretty much the same, V60 offers just a bit bigger boot. Well, actually the difference between S60 and V60 is quite marginal when comparing the cargo space. The S60 has a load capacity of 380 litres, while V60 offers 430 litres to window line. The cargo space is increased to 557 litres when loaded to the roof and with rear seats dropped, capacity is boosted to 1241 litres. So V60 is by no means the most capacious Volvo estate car and even Volvo admits that. But it was never designed to be. Instead it is the most stylish and by far the best to drive. However, as being an estate car, it does have all the handy functionality for which Volvo wagons are famed.

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