Classic Race Cars

BMW 328 Berlin-Rome Touring Roadster (1941)

October 12, 2015

BMW 328 Berlin-Rome Touring RoadsterIn 1941 the ONS (formerly the Germany’s national motor racing governing body) commissioned Milan-based coachbuilders Carrozzeria Touring to fit three BMW 328 Roadsters with advanced, aerodynamic roadster bodies in the hope of sending the cars into competitive action in the Berlin-Rome race in 1941.

The result were racing cars boasting an extraordinarily impressive drag coefficient for the time. However, the Second World War put the brakes on all further motor sport activities with German participation.

BMW 328 Berlin-Rome Touring Roadster had a 1971cc, six-cylinder in-line engine. The engine produced 120 horsepower at 5500rpm. The car had four-speed manual gearbox and Alfin drum brakes. The weight of the car was 700kg and it could reach a top speed of 200km/h.